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Reiki level one Workshop


Reiki level 1, this enjoyable and awaken workshop is an introduction to Reiki. It is suitable for those who want to experience energy healing techniques for the first time or those who have experienced in others areas and wish to broaden their knowledge and skills. You will experience reiki teachings through a balance of information, sharing, reiki demonstrations, hands on practice and personal reflection. You will also receive a special Reiki Attunement. . Some key learning's will include how to

• Incorporate the reiki principals into your life

• How reiki energy works

• Receive and share reiki energy (with friends and family members).

• Use reiki to bring balance and love into your life

• Releasing stress by bringing sense of balance to the mind, body and spirit.

• Letting go of emotional blocks that are holding us back

• Helping our physical bodies to become well during illness.

• Increasing our ability to heal quicker

A reiki Attunement is a gift that is there whenever you want to use it - and it is a gift that is yours forever. When you are Attuned you become a channel for Reiki Healing, and you can give it to yourself, to others, and to animals and plants

A genuine benefit of doing Reiki level 1 is that you begin your journey of self discovery. If you have already walked some distance on the spiritual path you will accelerate your progress and experience miraculous results in all areas of life. So the first benefit is personal growth